Windows Registry

Registry settings in Windows needs to be set for HIP to run successfully. Do the following:

  1. Unzip current release, or navigate to the root of the cloned repository

  2. Double click on the tdrDelay_standard.reg to apply registry changes

  3. RESTART your computer.


Further Explanation

On Windows devices, the operating system is very particular about having immediate access and availability of the graphics card. With HIP operations that take more than a few hundred milliseconds, the operating system thinks that the graphics card is unresponsive to draw the screen. After a few attempts without success, Windows will attempt to restart the graphics driver. When this happens, HIP will crash because the hardware has been taken away mid-operation. There is a way to tell Windows to be more patient.

Included in the root of the repository are three TDR delay registry files. Each one contains setting to delay the operating system from resetting the graphics driver. I recommend using the tdrDelay_standard.reg file for most configurations. However, if you are using a older graphics card or a mobile version (like that in the Surface Book), I would recommend the tdrDelay_LONG.reg. You could just use the LONG version no matter what your configuration. However, these settings will also delay legitimate errors with the graphics driver. Meaning that if you install a program that crashes the graphics driver, your computer might seem unresponsive for up to 15 minutes before the operating system steps in to recover.

Some of you might be rightfully weary of having your registry changed by some file you found on the Internet. I understand completely. Or maybe your just curious to know what each of the registry values mean. You can either search for "TDR Delay" with your favorite search engine or go to Microsoft's document page on TDR Delay here. If you are still unsure, leave a comment in one of the forums.