Quick Start Guide

1. Get HIP

Download the current files for Windows and Linux here.

Apple currently unsupported.

Windows users, please follow these instructions!

2. Requirements

  • Nvidia graphics card (check here is your card uses compute capability 3.0 or better)

  • MATLAB 2018 or newer

  • The latest graphics driver (410.48 or better)

3. Using HIP

Unzip the file from link above.


  • Place all folders with the + (plus) symbol in your MATLAB folder (for Windows, this is C:\Users\username\Documents\MATLAB)

  • ​Ensure everything is working by running the following line:

   dev = HIP.Cuda.DeviceStats()​


  • Place HIP.lib or HIP.so where you can import into python

  • ​Ensure everything is working by running the following line:

   import HIP

   dev = HIP.Cuda.DeviceStats()


4. Further Reading

Examples of filters and how they are utilized.

Further information about consistency testing.

If you publish work processed using Hydra, please cite:

Wait, E., Winter, M. & Cohen, A. R. Hydra image processor: 5-D GPU image analysis library with MATLAB and python wrappers. Bioinformatics (2019). doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btz523

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