Hydra Image Processor consists of three separate projects. If you would like to start using HIP quickly, follow the instructions located here. Otherwise checkout the following individual projects.

Hydra Image Processor

HIP proper is a set of image filters and operations that have been GPU accelerated. The main benefits are:

HIP's source code is available on github. Current binaries can be downloaded using the buttons below.

MATLAB Utilities

I created this project to track and organize all of the functions I found myself using time and again. Especially when reading and writing microscope data. I have included wrappers for bioformats and the KLB file format.

MATLAB 5-D Viewer

This visualization tool was first developed for validation and correction of lineage data (paper).

It has proven to be more generally useful and is one of the view visualizations that can show both 5D

(x, y, z, λ, t) microscope images and embedded segmentation results.