Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIP?

The Hydra Image Processor (HIP) library provides hardware accelerated image processing accessible from interpreted computing environments like Matlab. What does that mean? That you can process your images FAST. And get results FAST.

How Does HIP Work?

HIP automatically distributes data and computation across system and video RAM allowing hardware-accelerated processing of arbitrarily large images. HIP will also distribute compute tasks optimally across multiple GPU's.

Who Is Using HIP?

HIP was initally written in the Bioimgage lab at Drexel University. I'm currently using this library for my day-to-day image processing at the Advanced Imaging Center at Janelia. If you know of others, please let me know on the contact page.

What does HIP integrate with?

HIP integrates with MATLAB and Python. I have also written a 5D viewer in MATLAB to validate the output of HIP. Get more info about that here. In addition, I've written a variety of MATLAB utilities to help open and manipulate microscope data. Learn more about these cool helper tools here.

How Can I Find Out More?

Check out the blog... or join the Forum... get all of the detailed instructions from the wiki... or Contact me.

How Can I Get the Hyrda Image Processor Code?

Go to the GitHub repository here.